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D.J. is a soft sweet and kind person who looks a lot like princess Jasmine a soft caring friend who wants peace on the earth. She hates her friends getting into fights and tries to calm them down.She has mad beauty skills but doesn't use it on herself. D.J. is naturally beautiful!


D.J. grew up with her 5 sisters in a tiny town house. She was the only person in her family who loved fashion. Her family was not rich and they were not poor she had a normal life. She lived with a abusive father who left she, her sisters, and mother alone with debt problems. D.J. and her family was forced out of their house and onto the streets. One day a photographer was walking by and saw D.J.'s natural beauty and gave her a contract to sign to be a model. At first D.J. thought it was a joke but she agreed to do it. When she told her family it was too late. They took them to a shelter in NY. D.J. will never see them again. D.J. of grief signed the contract and had to share a room with a girl named Dominique.


D.J. has a soft spot for every person because if the loss of her family. She is a nice and sweet girl who never leaves the house without  having a designer purse. D.J. loves fashion she has mad skills in make up. She never gets mad at anyone no matter wnat they do or did. D.J. has a soft spot in her heart no matter if you are horrrible or if you are sweet. No matter the problem she will always be there for you and be sweet.  

Love and The Beast!Edit

D.J. is currently dating Sabestian who is the world's most buggest jock! Everyone hates him but you know how D.J. is. She sees nothing wrong with Sabestian. Even though he treats her like crap! Exp. D.J.: It's Valentine's Day! So what did you get me! Sabestian: Nothing! What did you get me! D.J.: *brings out boxes and boxes of chocolates* Here! Sabestian: Thanks babe! Waht kind of non sense I hope D.J. dumps him and finds someone who can treat her better! What do ya'll think.

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