A.J. is a fearless goth rebel who is crazy about partying. She loves torturing her boyfriend Chris with her rock music. She is a black belt in Judo and just laughs at people getting hurt! But never the less she and Domino bring the house down!

A.J is a goth rebel who knows bad ass Judo! She doesn't get angry to quick but when she does it is not pretty.


Amanda Joe( A.J.) was born on a tour bus with her mom and her band. She and her mom had some hard times after a nasty divorce from her father. Donna, her mother died after 10 minutes after birth. Her mother's band members had grief of anger and had no idea how to raise a child. They put her near a garbage house and left. A.J. grew in thug life. She was homeless she ate leftover food from the trash for 8 years. A.J. seen so many horrific fights, brawls, and shootings over the past 10 years and decided if she wanted to stay alive she had to take Judo classes. Every afternoon night she would sneak out and watch the Judo class and see their moves, A.J. gotten pretty good at it until she was back under a roof under her head. That's when she met Ariana.


A.J. is a hard rebel. After she  moved in with Ariana her life changed. She became more calm and protected. But it didn't mean she wasn't her old self. A.J. and Domino were crazy when it came to partying. One time they even burned a house down! A.J. is a calm girl who's hair was dyed blue because she said it is the color of calmness. She is a good friend who keeps secrets and gets good grades one in a while. She doesn't get angry right away but when she does it is not a pretty sight!

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